Initial Qualification 

How will it affect me?

As a new driver, you will need to pass the Driver CPC theory and practical tests in addition to the licence acquisition theory and practical tests if you intend to drive professionally.

What tests do I have to take?

In addition to the existing theory tests and practical test already required for the licence acquisition, all new drivers will need to complete the Driver CPC Case Study theory test and the Driver CPC practical test.

Module 2 Case Study Theory Test

This module is a computer based test and uses case studies, each one based on real-life scenarios you may encounter in your working life.

It aims to test your knowledge and how you put it into practice. Written by experts from the industry, questions are based around the case study and you will be asked to answer in a number of different ways such as multiple choice answers or clicking an area on a photograph / image.

Each test is made up of seven case studies, each one with six to eight questions, with a possible maximum score of 50. The pass mark for the PCV test is 40 and the pass mark for the LGV test is 40. The test will take 1 hours to complete and can be taken at the same test centre as module 1.

Module 4 - Driver CPC Practical Test

Module 4 is a practical test focussing on vehicle safety which was developedwith the support and advice of the industry. In this half hour test you will be requiredto demonstrate your knowledge and ability in the areas listed below:

Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use

Security of the vehicle and contents

Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants

Ability to assess emergency situations

Ability to prevent physical risk

Demonstrate your ability through a physical, walk round vehicle safety check

LGV tests may also use a piece of equipment which will allow you to demonstrate your ability to secure loads.

The test consists of 5 topic areas which cover the Driver CPC syllabus and in order to pass the candidate has to score 15 out of a possible 20 points in each topic area (75%) and an overall score of 80%.

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Initial Qualification

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